History of a family business

The foundation of our business was already laid in 1930

Friedrich Weidner went into business for himself about 90 years ago and founded a glass tailor’s shop, laying the ground stone for our current business. Production of glass panels, commonly used at the time for typewriter keys, began immediately. Over time, the company‘s technical equipment was expanded and its potential for processing of flat glass and special mirrors continuously improved.
In keeping with the concept of a family business, the owner’s nephew, Hans Weidner, joined the company. The nephew’s collaboration with his uncle was so successful that several years later, in 1970, he was named successor and new owner. A move from Kaiserstrasse in Fürth into the new building constructed especially for that purpose in Nuremberg at Karl-Martell-Straße 39, our current production headquarters, opened up – thanks to a greater offering of space – new opportunities with regard to the technical equipment and the structuring of operations.

To date and also in future firmly in the hands of the family

His son Manfred, current CEO of the company, has been – after several years of training and experience within the business – head of the company since 1995. He leads today a company with roughly 20 employees, which is known and loved in the marketplace as a specialist for small-format glass and mirror products. So popular, in fact, that it became necessary in 2017 to double the operational area with the help of building extensions.
Manfred Weidner is supported energetically in day-to-day operations by his wife Christine and his son Florian, who actively represents the next generation in the Weidner family business and is ready and willing to assume responsibility for the leadership of the traditional business, for its further development, and for the great employees of the company when the time comes.
The Weidner family thus looks forward to continued success in the future with all of our customers and our entire team of colleagues.