„We produce glass
that goes unnoticed.“

Manfred Weidner

Technical glass & intricate component production according to plan

Thanks to diverse processing techniques we supply precisely fabricated glass parts worldwide

“We produce glass that goes unnoticed.” With these words, CEO Manfred Weidner describes the products being produced in his company since 1930. In fact, quite unwittingly, each and every one of you comes into contact almost daily with technical glass from Hans Weidner GmbH. You encounter our components in countless everyday applications, such as protective glass in fire alarms, dental mirrors, display screens, or scanner windows. A wide range of companies in Germany, Europe, and around the world use our technical glass components in the manufacture of their products.

A transparent view of our handcrafted process

Glass components – fully prepared for further processing

The more intricate and sensitive the area in which the glass workpieces will be used later, the more important it is to process them exactly according to the drawing you provide and carefully prepare them for further processing. That is why all ordered components are delivered to you always in cleaned, individually inspected, and ready-to-use condition and safely packaged so that further processing of the components at your company can begin immediately.

Automated technology is augmented by experienced hand work for processing fine details and miniature glass components

The excellent equipment at our company already makes many things possible. For some special processing techniques, however, delicate hand work is essential. Our experienced employees have the necessary sensitivity, patience, and composure to achieve the utmost precision even when processing the tiniest glass components. The outstanding team of colleagues is therefore is one of our most valuable resources.

Our fast order fulfillment means reliable planning security for your production.

Large glass warehouse and numerous processing options

A large glass warehouse with many available types of glass, such as optical, coated, or anti-reflective glass, as well as mirrors and glass ceramics, allow for quick processing of your orders. The listed materials can be processed in a number of ways. The most common techniques include grinding, cutting, drilling, thickness machining, and screen printing.

We are Weidner.

Motivierte Mitarbeiterin hält eine Packung mit Gläsern hoch
Glasbearbeitung durch Arbeiter
Team Weidner


A solid family unit is our base, our treasure.

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