The company Hans Weidner GmbH

Family-run, versatile, and with high quality standards, we are the premier address for sourcing of parts made from technical glass.

For companies in Germany, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world who need parts made from technical glass to manufacture their own products, we produce high-quality small-format glass and mirror products. With the help of our versatile machining facilities that include CNC technology, our cross-generational expertise, and our ideally trained team of employees, we deliver parts for every conceivable industry, from the automotive branch, to the medical technology sector, to manufacturers of decorative items, and many other areas.

Cooperation – we are a big family

Those who come to work with motivation and enthusiasm deliver the best results. We are firm believers in this principle, and we receive confirmation of it over and over again from the fabulous people who work at our company. Cooperation within the big Weidner family and an open and friendly working environment, as well as a culture of mutual respect at all times, are a matter of course for us and every bit as essential to our lasting success as the company‘s technical equipment and each team member’s ability.

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A solid family unit is our base, our treasure.

Our own photovoltaic plant that covers over 70 percent of our energy needs.

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Sustainability plays a major role

Everyone is talking about sustainability – it plays an important role in managing valuable resources. We do our part and manage all areas of our production very conscientiously. For example, we have our own photovoltaic plant that covers over 70 percent of our energy needs. Grinding dust or sludge produced during operations made from glass finds new use in the production of construction materials. We don’t use any disposable packaging at all. Special plastic packaging as part of a return system is returned to us by our customers and reused for years or – if possible – the products are packaged quite simply in special tissue paper.
We also constantly develop and openly research new options in this area in order to continuously improve our products, the success of our customers, and the future for our employees.