Grinding of technical glass

Contour grinding, edge grinding, polishing, and more

The desired contour on the product is achieved through CNC edge processing. On request, protective chamfers, miters, and even steps can be produced. With our precise machining, your parts with very tight tolerances are produced so that the finished part fits perfectly into the intended area.

For visible edges, careful grinding and polishing enhance the optical value. Freeform contour grinding is also possible.

Overview of grinding techniques

  • CNC grinding: size range 2-320 mm, tolerances up to ±0.01 mm
  • Form grinding, contour grinding: free forms without inner radius, round, angular,
    chamfers with any desired angles
  • Edge grinding: edge grinding and production of corners
  • Polishing: polishing of edges and chamfers
geschliffenes Glas auf einer 2-Cent-Münze